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Church Podium Design And Factors To Consider

Great Insights and Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Church Podium
How is a sanctuary without a podium? A good church podium brings style and sophistication not just to the aura of the minister but also the church environment.

Are all church podiums the same? If not, what is the difference? What about the cost? And what are the key considerations before bringing in a new podium in the church? The following insights will attempt to answer the questions.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Church Podium

Church Podium Pulpit

Church Podium Design

Due to the wide range of podium styles in the market, choosing the best may be a challenge. The different features in church podiums include added shelves, adjustable height, built-in sound system, and the design. The podium material also varies with all color options. Remember the podium has to fit in the sanctuary area in the church.

Podium Material – Podiums are either made of wood or acrylic. The specifications for each wood will be either softwood or hardwood some of which are imported. The type of wood used in making the podium largely influences the price of the podium. The price for each material will differ across the wooden one, but you should be guided by your budget

Added features such as the inbuilt sound system – Podiums have now advanced features like a wireless sound system, which has fixed mics and their control; this has solved the problems associated with the hand-held microphones, which are tiring to hold. The speaker can put on and off the microphones when he requires and there will be no need to have the wire running all over.

The Church podium can also be adjustable – This is advantageous since you are able to adjust the height of the podium depending on the height of the speaker. The podium also may have added shelves, where the speaker can place additional stuff like their phone, a bottle of water or a notebook. The color of the podium is also a factor to consider, a proper choice will match with the interior décor of the church. Remember all the additional features come at an additional cost different from the plain podium.

Cost: Shop around – Before you decide on the church podium to introduce, and where to buy, take a step to window shop and compare the prices. Interestingly, it is not rare to find a difference of 100 dollars in the price of the same product sold within the same locality. The Internet has made this easy; you can do this from the comfort of your room.

Other Factors To Consider

Other key factors to consider when buying will include the design of the podium or stand which should complement the sanctuary, the size of the podium, the podium stability and how much space is available to utilize. Without a doubt, a lot of benefits accrue from a sanctuary complemented by the right podium. Take the time to make the right choice and get value for your money. Quality usually wins in the long run because it will out last a low budget podium. Church podium design should be sturdy construction and have shelves to hold Bibles along with several bottles of water. 

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