Hostess Stand

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Hostess Stand And 1st Impressions

Hostess Stand For Your Restaurant

Hostess Stand

The restaurant podium also known as a hostess stand comes in many different finishes to suit the purpose of the business and the type of location. Hostess stands give the first impression to customers and visitors about your business. Therefore, having a stylish and well finished fixture is crucial not only in attracting but also retaining customers. Hostess stands have inner shelves for keeping the vital institution accessories including menus’s, pagers, silverware, breath mint, toothpicks and napkins. Some restaurants stands have wheels to ease mobility crucial in serving customers. Most units have the tops designed in a slanted manner to boost comfort while reading and writing.

Most customers or visitors identify valet station as an information gathering place. Using shelves in a display allows a host to offer required services to the patrons. A restaurant podium is a one example of diverse lanterns in the market today. The fixtures come in different features to suit the occasions and purpose while setting your business image being the focal point for any guest. Sometimes these double for a hostess stand.

Choosing the right hostess stand is crucial in boosting the business image as it offers a first and lasting impression to visitors and guests. These fixtures are built from different materials including walnut, oak, Mahogany, brass, cherry or classic black. Therefore, using the right color for your decor that seamlessly blends with existing fixtures which will offer a big boost to your business image.

Things To Look For In A Hostess Stand?

Shelves – the unit should contain the necessary shelves to hold enough materials to suit your organisation size. In addition, they ought to be strong enough with necessary space for easy document retrieval.

Design – the fixtures should have an appealing design to welcome customers or visitors to all sections of your business. Depending on the kind or nature of your business, you can choose a fitting design. Typically, restaurant podium come in different design to suit varied business needs.

Material – most material used in building hostess stands are durable and corrosion resistant. Some of the materials commonly used include brass, chrome, mahogany, and walnut among others. These material have the abilities to withstand wear and tear for longer besides offering varied décor possibilities.

What are some uses of restaurant podium also known as a hostess stand? Most restaurants use these fixtures to greet visitors or customers as they arrive. Often they are used as a valet station and are placed outside to identify to visitors availability of valet station at the restaurant, hotel or what ever business that would need this type of service. Some comprise a sound equipment so that customers can be pages in cases of emergencies or announcing a special guest.

Hostess Stand

Hostess Stand

You can see that the hostess stand can be more of a universal stand for many businesses. Some are fancy and some are plain. Some will house brochures and literature about the business and local attractions while others will be used to store customers keys and other things. So when looking for a hostess stand take into consideration what and where it will be used for. In some cases you will need two stands. One for the outside of your business for valet parking and one inside to greet customers.

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